Make Love in the (Fitness) Club
London Fields
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Oh yeah - turn the lights down, it's time to get physical. Move to the beat of love at this V-Day-themed fitness class at London Fields Studio. Open to all self-identifying genders/orientations, this tongue-in-cheek class dials the cheese factor up to 10, featuring tragic love songs, roses, and a solid hour of sweaty fun. Attendees pick their mat's colour based on their sexual proclivities - red means ready for love, pink is flirty and fun, and turquoise is cool and curious (just looking). There's also magenta for self-love, so solosexuals need not be deterred. There will also be aphrodisiac refreshments before and after the event, sourced from Broadway Market. We're already dripping.

Tickets: £5

Telephone07743 795833
Tuesday 14th February
20:00 - 21:00
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