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Right now, there are hundereds of cool places to eat, drink and visit in your city. Problem is, you don't know about them. Let us give you a hand with that. Let's see what's happening this week...

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We hand pick the best stuff going on in the city. That means pop-up bars, just-opened restaurants, hidden art exhibitions, independent cafes and everything else in between. We then list them on Dojo for your purdy little eyes to enjoy.

If it's worth going to, we know about it.

Everyday we put all of our finds into a sexy little app for you to enjoy.

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Just downloaded @thedojoapp for London travels and it's actually so fucking good

@thedojoapp led me to two quality places today, best guide to London

I must say @thedojoapp is absolutely awesome!

Lots of useless London apps out there but @thedojoapp is brilliant, great night recently at @KansasSmittys

@tweetadamking Love it when brands have a kick-arse personality! @thedojoapp

Finally downloaded @thedojoapp after being shown by @VickyShilling and yes, it's pretty stunning!

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It’s about time you downloaded the app young lady. Go on… no excuses.

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