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We don't hang out in Baker Street as much as Sherlock Holmes but if you are meeting someone there (with a little money to spare), Yosma is your bag. Chef Hus Vedet has taken inspiration from his Turkish heritage and designed a menu mezze (hot and cold), grill-tastic mangal and clay oven goods. First the task of choosing mezze. It's a tricky one... Do you go for reliable hummus, exciting strained yoghurt, or a mighty fine halloumi that doesn't even squeak. Next some tasty borek - flaky filo pastry filled with spinach, feta, pine nuts and mint. Then you're wanting the lamb rump that has been grilled to that perfect point of crispy edges and pink middle. Finish off with the sticky goodness of Kunefe - layers of noodles, white cheese and syrup, topped with pistachio nuts - sure it sounds weird but it's mighty tasty. If you've ever been to Turkey you'll know all about raki, the unsweetened anise flavoured aperitif. If you're feeling brave drink it neat alongside meat, but we had ours stirred into cocktails. Try the Charlie which mixes it with gin, lillet, cointreau and lemon.

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