Kurdish Restaurant
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Peckham Rye
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Stumbling down unlit, unnamed side-alleys in Peckham is the kinda thing your dear mother told you not to do, but hey, you're an adult now: you pay council tax, you get excited about new kitchen appliances, and you sometimes don't buy the cheapest wine in Tescos. Another reason to ignore your mum is that occasionally at the bottom of these side-alleys are elusive BYOB Kurdish spots, complete with upstairs Shisha bars, covered al fresco dining, and big ol' vegan or meat sharing platers. Yada‘s is one such spot, and it‘s bulging with delicious salads, Kubbas (rice patties stuffed with lamb and nuts), hummus, and tasty shreds of succulent chicken or lamb shawarma. It's cheap, the atmosphere is buzzy, and the whole experience will be sprinkled with the smug satisfaction that you discovered this hidden gem (with a helping hand from us).

Telephone07454 485005
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