No Frills Chinese
Opens at 11:30
Piccadilly Circus
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The terms 'cheap and cheerful' and 'no frills' spring to mind when pondering Wong Kei. The food is far from Insta friendly, the decor has a vague waiting room feel about it and you can't expect to be adding your waiter on Facebook at the end of the night (we tried). But if you trust your instinct, there's some genuinely good bites to try at some very reasonable prices. The BBQ meats on rice won our vote, especially the pork belly which we slathered with chilli oil then happily polished off. The noodle soups are worth a mention too. Go for beef brisket, crispy pork or wonton - delicately parcelled bites in tasty broth, with noodles and spring onion. Some of them are off menu though, so think up what kind of soup you want and ask for it with conviction. We went for wontons and crispy pork - that's right, biatch.

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