Wat Buddhapadipa

14 Calonne Road

Thai Buddhist Temple & Garden
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‘Refrain from doing bad things, do all the good things and purify one’s mind’. That’s the essence of Buddhist teaching and something Dojo is right on board with. This is the UK's original Thai Buddhist temple - a tranquil retreat from any outside noise and a welcome dose of calm. Once those shoes have been slipped off, the temple itself is a colourful wonder, with bright, dreamlike imagery depicting the life of Buddha from his birth to death, along with murals of myths and famous figures from the Buddhist way of life. But the grounds are also worth some time: five acres that feature an ornamental pond, streams, quaint bridges and a beautiful flower garden. It's a place to stroll about in and get back to yourself. On Saturday they run meditation classes from 4pm-6pm and you can attend, regardless of faith. The main Temple is only open on the weekend or by appointment only and plz, no tank tops or mini skirts here.

Telephone020 8946 1357
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