Vida Bakery

139 Brick Lane

Vegan & Gluten-free Bakery
Opens at 11:00
Shoreditch High Street
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Dani and Vane, both from Venezuela, both vegans, both into baking - seems like a match made in plant-based heaven. They started off baking out of their home taking orders on Instagram, followed by a pop up shop, then finally this permanent home on Brick Lane. The small and bright venue is prime Insta fodder, with saccharine decor, and cutesy pink quotes - a big trend we've noticed in the vegan world recently. Cakes are made in all sorts of towering rainbows, layered chocolate and dainty cupcake varieties, to varying degrees of success. We saw very little sign of lemon in the lemon curd but could easily have doubled up on the banoffee. There's also a soy-based soft serve which you can have in a cup covered in sprinkles, or sandwiched between two photogenic peanut butter cookies. Snap, snap, snap.

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