The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities

11 Mare Street

Surreal Oddities
Cambridge Heath
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Imagine if every object you ever found rare, magical or beautiful in any way was put inside a small and dark basement of wonder in Hackney. For us, that would include plenty of Daily Sport newspapers from the early 00s. Luckily Viktor Wynd - a collector with no real time for categorisation or labelling - has a slightly more imaginative mind and he's created an incoherent vision of the world at this surreal museum on Mare Street. The basement is full of all sorts: from priceless marvels of the natural and scientific worlds like dodo bones to the interesting aesthetics of McDonald's Happy Meal toys; master etchings to prison inmates doodles and pretty much anything else you can imagine. There's also an art gallery upstairs which puts on different shows, normally of the surreal variety. Entry is £5 which includes a cup of tea, and £2.50 on Thursdays between 6pm-10pm.

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