The Roasting Party

253 Pavilion Road

Aussie Cafe
Sloane Square
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We like our coffee like we like our gender-fluid partners: strong, sweet and full-bodied. Funnily enough those are the exact tasting notes The Roasting Party aims for. Spooky right? They started off as a roastery in Winchester with three adorable Aussies at the helm and are now firmly plonked in Chelsea, where they pour out milk-based espressos that are sweeter, and more wholesome than most. Avoiding cow? They've also imported maca milk made with... suspense... macadamia nuts. The munching is good here too. You'll be wanting sourdough, of course, covered with avo or whipped vegemite butter. There's also plenty of wholesome granola bowls and healthy sweets to be had like raw vegan cheesecake bites, for instance. Still think it's just one of those bougie cafes? What about this: you can draw a postcard, put it in their postbox and they'll post it anywhere in the world for ya. If that's not Aussie charm, we don't know what is.

Telephone01962 867 377
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