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Nope, the grimy, iconic Dalston namesake is not setting up a restaurant off-shoot. This cosy little nook - quite like a nest in fact - is the baby of three pals who had been searching for a place to call their home after conquering the pop-up and festival food scene. And they've done a terrific job of it, with a short menu offering beautifully crafted small dishes, either a la carte or on a set menu, that compliment the warm interiors and grooving soundtrack. It's an excellent date-night spot. The solo chef chooses one meat to work with at a time and bases his dishes around it - we were lucky enough to find duck in the kitchen, and while we're not quite sure how he created the duck steamed pudding, we're awful glad he did. That, and with the crispy garlic potato cake and the celeriac and truffle tart, would be our highlights. With the three owners drifting about the place, this feels very much like a passion project. It's the kind of place to enjoy when you're not in a hurry, when you can sit back over a couple of hours, taking each meticulous dish as it comes.

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