The Lexi Cinema

194b Chamberlayne Rd

Volunteer-run Indie
Kensal Rise
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‘I am a cinema. Love me.’ reads the front of the Lexi; endearing in its misplaced insecurity, we challenge anyone not to love this place. It’s a one-screen affair, with room for forty or so bums in what is a converted wing of Kensal Rise’s Constitutional Club. The vibe here - despite the weird, pink jellyfish-esque installation in the ceiling - is of being in a mate’s living room, one with a particularly good sound system and way too many chairs. But the homely vibe isn’t what secures this spot the title of ‘LDN’s most wholesome cinema’ – that accolade comes from the facts that 1) the place is run by volunteers, and 2) 100% of profits go to a children’s charity in South Africa – meaning your two hours of escapism comes with a large serving of good karma, which is much quieter than popcorn and won't get stuck in your teeth.

Telephone020 3011 5523
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