Modern Fine Dining
Covent Garden
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When you open up a restaurant in Shoreditch then another in Covent Garden, you've either got more money than sense or you're onto something. With Adam Handling it's probably the latter. Just one look at his plates and you'll start to feel like a giant gazing down at a tiny forest of beauty - either that or you'll just get really hungry, take a snap for your Insta and dig in. It's all about tiny particles of flavour; a mousse here, a puree there, and some of the smallest leaves you've ever seen neatly placed on top. It's not all about being easy on the eye, there's plenty to be pleased about if you're a tongue too. Think strong flavours like braised beef with garlic, parsley and girolles mushrooms, or BBQed octopus. We could go on, the menus sure do, but you're better off popping in for yourself, grabbing one of the vinos and settling in for a read.

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