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King's Cross
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On first impressions, The Driver seems like just your standard pub - albeit a large, 4-tiered one - doing the usual gastropub thing. The decor is kinda boutiquey/chic and the lighting is the appropriate dimness we enjoy. But we've not had food as good as this at a pub for quite some time. It was delicious, we can tell you. The menu is fairly straight forward: pub gastro classics but done exceedingly well. We'd recommend the duck for starters, with pea-shoot and mango offering a rare combo of flavours. For mains, both the lamb and the fishcake hit the spot. And the pecan pie dessert was one of the best treats we've ever come across. Basically, you can't really go wrong. There's a cocktail bar on the first floor, then a couple of function rooms, until you finally reach the intimate surrounds of the rooftop. Here, if you can manage to see above the high wall, you'll see the delights of North London. But really, it's all about the food at this place.

Telephone020 7278 8827
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