The Chipping Forecast - Soho

58 Greek St

Sustainable Fish
Tottenham Court Road
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After a good few years churning out the fishies, this Notting Hill fish fave has set up shop in Soho. We can't help but be fond of shit puns and dad jokes, so we took a liking to The Chipping Forecast straight away. Once we'd bitten into their crispy-on-the-outside, fluffy-on-the-inside triple-cooked chips we liked 'em even more. Sure they might cost a whole lot more than at your local chippy, but at least sogginess is a distant memory here. Haddock, mussels and white bait are all pretty ace too - as is the fish finger sarnie for a grand total of £8. And, if you're a Northerner through and through, you can even slather your chips in creamy curry sauce. Don't be fooled by the easy breezy menu though, this is a fancy sort of fish shop with wooden tables, leather seating and cocktails. It's a good wee spot to bear in mind for a casual weeknight dinner, or a banging takeaway Friday lunch.

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