Stockwell Continental

169 South Lambeth Road

Roman Pizza
Opens at 11:00
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Stockwell Continental has that relaxed modern pizzeria vibe which we've become so accustomed to in London - which is no bad thing. The drinks list is simple, decor is minimal, and the menu - a short list of absolute bangers. It's all about Roman-style pizza here, which is crisper than the fluffy, chewy Neapolitan we've become accustomed to at Franco Manca. And the toppings? They're ingredient led with all sorts of quality Italian imports, and most importantly, they go right up to the edge, baby. We hoovered up the ‘nduja with rocket and pickled red onion; and mortadella with ricotta and pickled chilli. Service is real easy going and slightly battered floor tiles add to our romantic idea of a Roman pizzeria. You can grab a seat at the marble bar, and watch the good pizza lord at work, but we were comfier on the grown up table, sippin' on Aperol spritz. If you're too much of a snob for that lurid orange glow, there's martinis, negronis and a tidy Italian wine list too - all pretty reliable stuff if you ask us.

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