South London Gallery

65-67 Peckham Road

Forward-Thinking Art
Peckham Rye
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Opened in its current incarnation in 1896, The South London Gallery has since been bringing forward-thinking art south of the river for well over a century. The original site - a peaceful, light-filled Victorian structure - has essentially remained untouched, but an extension was added in 2010, adding a cafe (The Habit - a Dojo brunch favourite) and a third gallery space behind its swish secret garden out back. SLG has a history of launching young artists into the art world stratosphere. It became one became one of the main showcases for many of the Young British Artists - including Tracey Emin and Sarah Lucas - in the early 90s. These days, its focus is on international and emerging artists, as well as nurturing the nascent talents of recent grads through its six-month residency programme. The gallery also embodies its non-profit status through community outreach initiative that involve the neighbouring housing estates, as well as programmes (such as Re:Creative and Art Assassins) designed to get young people excited about the arts.

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