Seven Sisters Indoor Market

231-243 High Road

Trip to South America
Opens at 09:00
Seven Sisters
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A little rough around the edges it might be, but the moment you step into Seven Sisters Indoor Market you're transported to a vibrant community market in Bogota, where South American locals meet to eat, drink, chat and chill at all times of day. In this shabby maze, various Spanish accents fill the air - it's an integral hub, and one of the best things about Seven Sisters. In the various nooks there are over 100 Latin American traders offering services of all kinds: from hairdressers to South American supermarkets; internet cafes to beauty shops; and of course a couple of restaurants and cafes. Grab some of that sweet and delicious Colombian coffee or chomp down on a filling £1 empanada (or something else beige and tasty). Now here's hoping the developers don't get their way and turn this place into a 'pasta express'.

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