Filipino Comfort Food
Kensington (Olympia)
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Those who have been searching for excellent Filipino grub in London can rest easy: the Manila based Romulo Cafe opens up their first place in London serving up authentic Filipino comfort food in a warm, friendly spot in Kensington. Here it's all about sharing: picking a couple of mains and sampling some of the delights. Our particular highlights included the Pork Sisig starter (chopped seared pork belly topped with fried egg with pickled apples and caramelized shallots) and the Abodo Romulo Style (twice cooked chicken and pork belly with glazed shallots and sweet potato mash). And for dessert, the Suman Latik (fried rice cake with coconut cream, dark coconut sauce and coconut ice cream) was real nice. The place is named after the owners' grandfather who was, amongst other things, the first asian man to win the Pulitzer Prize for journalism; a soldier, educator, author, and diplomat. His history is all over the place here - and that personal touch makes this, along with the delicious grub, a good choice for something a bit different.

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