Eclectic Chinese Fusion Food
Opens at 17:00
Covent Garden
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With its plant-heavy interiors, red and white gingham booths, pale wood and novelty cargo boxes placed on luggage racks - you'd be forgiven for thinking Red Farm was some sort of Alpine fondue restaurant. Turns out it's actually New York's take on Chinese, imported by Ed Schoenfeld from Greenwich Village and plonked down in the middle of Covent Garden. There's something about the very eclectic menu that didn't sit well with our need to compartmentalise: how can an Italian salami salad sit so comfortably next to shrimp dumplings? Much as we wanted to hate it, we simply couldn't. A pastrami egg roll was savoury, crisp and tangy in all the right places and the shrimp-stuffed chicken really was summin' else. Smoked, deboned, stuffed with shrimp, then rolled in rice, crisped to a T and finished with kaffir lime - these guys really are gluttons for punishment. They may have gone a bit too far with the Pac-Man dumplings and vegetable spring rolls made to look like flowers, but we'll be going back for that chicken alone. Or maybe we'll nip in to their upstairs bar for a smooth, sultry cocktail and the sluttiest cheese burger spring roll.

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