Takeaway Chirashi Spot
London Bridge
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The latest venture from Angelo Sato - the ex-Head Chef of the Michelin-starred restaurant Story - this casual takeaway chirashi spot is a disarmingly simple operation. Simple but delicious. Anyone who has been following the poke trend will be forgiven for getting confused here. While it is technically chirashi - the Japanese originator of the popular Hawaiian raw fish bowls - the resemblance to poke is uncanny. Choose from a counter of beautiful, bright ingredients to go with your fish, chicken or aubergine. We tried the yuzu salmon and tuna wasabi set boxes: both were fantastic though we slightly preferred the tuna for the crunchy wasabi peas and richer soy dressing. You, of course, can mix 'n' match to your heart's content. At £8-10, it's not the cheapest, but you can really taste the quality of the ingredients. The other offering here is dashi, a Japanese broth with udon noodles. Our pork belly number made the perfect warming starter. Especially when eating on the benches out front - it’s takeaway only, kids.

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