Off The Cuff (Herne Hill)

Arch 645, 301-303 Railton Road

Live Music Spot
Opens at 16:00
Herne Hill
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In a sorta sexy ramshackle setting, down under the railway arches of Herne Hill, you’ll find one of South London's finest live music establishments. Yas indeed, because Off the Cuff may have started as a private members' club for posh folk with a penchant for wine and cheese, but its current incarnation is chilled and much more inclusive. The room in the front is filled with vintage sofas for you to chat politics and recline on, complete with over-priced beer and retro furnishings. Whilst the back room is set up with a decent sound system, welcoming in an eclectic roster of bands and DJs on a relatively daily basis. There are also film screenings, poetry readings, and dances on offer, so you can get comfy, get tipsy and get educated on a Wednesday night.

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16:00 - 00:00
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