Italian Home Cooking
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Leytonstone High Road
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Nothing soothes a broken soul like a good bowl of pasta, and Mora's are bang on. While his wife, Silvia, sorts front of house, Carlo's out back flipping a mighty good pan of papardelle. He's from Sardinia and so are most of the dishes, which use traditional ingredients from the island that us Londoners aren't used to seeing on our plates. Look out for 'bottarga' - salted, cured fish roe - which is shaved over risotto or 'seadas' - deep fried ravioli filled with pecorino and topped with orange marmalade and honey. We crunched our way through a good few of them. Start with a little tower of aubergine melanzane and then get stuck into their homemade pasta. Or if you're feeling a little more curious, their weekly changing specials focus on a different region of Italy. That means drinks, pasta, and even deserts will be themed. When we were in it was Trentino's turn - which meant strudel got a look in. Pair with local craft beers or something Italian, natural, and organic from the tidy wine list.

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