Milk Teeth

110 Mitcham Rd

Inventive Brunch
Tooting Broadway
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Milk was always a brunch favourite on the Balham scene, now it's younger sister, Milk Teeth, is bringing a similar flair to the people of Tooting. With it's quality coffee, inventive menus and laid-back attitude, this little nugget attracts troops of hungry trendsters. The brunch menu really mixes things up with all sorts of inventive twists and fresh ingredients we wouldn't usually associate with our favourite breakfast-lunch hybrid. The specials board is always a surprise and the regulars are both hearty and tasty. Who knew tofu could be whipped up to creamy heights then spread on sourdough toast to great effect? Whether you're filling up on sausages and eggs or sweetcorn fritters with fried halloumi, you're sure to leave feeling revived. Drinks are pretty top shelf too. Coffee is single origin and juices are fresh, zesty and revitalising - just how they should be really. We had a raspberry, orange and ginger number an it went down an absolute treat on a hangover. We know, we're legends - don't mention it.

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