Linden Stores

220 St Pauls Road

Wine Shop & Restaurant
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This wine shop-cum-restaurant has some pretty lofty peeps behind it. Laura Christie (front of house at Oklava) and her main man Chris Boustead (Boustead & Bidois), are linking arms to bring even more wine enjoyment to Highbury. Laura has all the grape know-how, selecting a good range of wines for everyone from the guzzler to the big spender. She clearly trusts her stock, too, as you can even try before you buy! Meanwhile, Chris is cheffing up British dishes inspired by his Yorkshire roots. Warm your deepest depths with smoked beef stew and thyme dumplings, or amuse the flip out of your bouche with their mighty selection of British cheeses - because where there's good wine, there's gotta be good cheese. Right?

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