Malaysian Soups and Stews
Tottenham Court Road
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No prizes for guessing what spicy Malaysian soup is available at this Tottenham Court Road hotspot. Being from a Chinese family in Malaysia, chef Danny Tan cooks up all sorts of punchy street food flavours from various motherships - combining very traditional dishes with some of his own creations. The menu is ha-uge with a selection of laksas (assam curry or coconut version), fried noodles, grilled meats, seafood and a whole section of vegan options. We got lost in the heady flavours of a very trad' Penang assam laksa - the rich fish broth is sweetened up with tamarind and soured up with lime, add shrimp paste, chilli, mackerel, pineapple and udon noodles and you've got yourself a winner. Sweet, sour and tangy in all the right quantities and much lighter than the coconutty laksa we're used to. Decor-wise things are kept pretty simple, the ground floor is a more intimate affair while the basement is great for large groups, large drinks and gabbing away or simply staring blurry eyed into the open kitchen. Either way, in the words of Arnie (if he spoke as a collective), we'll be back.

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