Kenwood House

Hampstead Lane

Grand 18th Century Manor
Opens at 10:00
East Finchley
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Deep in the untamed wilds of Hampstead Heath lies a neoclassical villa that’s a grand slice of splendour. As you’d expect, it’s got a little history but you won’t get any spoilers from us. What we will tell you is that after a big-money revamp, it now reflects the apex of opulence and grandeur of Georgian life. It houses a vast array of masterpieces from the Old Masters. You can bop through this place for free, ogling that expensive art, the gilded accents and those crystal chandeliers - and watch out for the magnificently grandiose library room. There’s also a pretty nice cafe, the Brew House, which does ample outdoor seating and a tasty, overpriced selection of lunch and cakes.

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