Deep Dish Pizza
Tottenham Court Road
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In a town griped by Neapolitan sourdough lovin', it's easy to make fun of Japes and its stodgy deep dish pizza. Its name alone implies it's up for it - and then there's the jarring juxtaposition of menu and decor: sure feels weird eating deep dish 'za and waffles the size of your head from jewel-coloured velvet seating, under a ceiling of hanging plants. No matter. We swallowed our pride and gave Japes a chance, pleasantly surprised by the outcome. It is after all the only place in London you can get proper Chicago-style deep dish pizza, complete with that pleasantly bouncy, slightly grainy crust and filled with lashings of melted cheese, rich tomato sauce and toppings of choice. Some were better than others, but we happily lapped up the Classic with ham, artichokes, parmesan. There's also milkshakes, hard shakes and waffles to be had but it's worth considering your food coma tolerance before going in hot and heavy with those.

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