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Hot Pot is the kind of place you go if you fancy giving yourself a challenge. The concept of the restaurant revolves around the hot pot, naturally, which sits in the middle of the table and is full of differently flavoured broths including chicken, vegetarian and spicier numbers. You then choose from a huge list of fillings which includes an assortment of beef, chicken, lamb, pork, seafood, shellfish, vegetables and mushrooms with noodle and rice sides. This stuff arrives raw, to be cooked in the broth at your hands. You're in charge of this, so if you fuck it up it's really your fault. There's a fairly calm feeling in the restaurant itself, with a gentle soundtrack and a strange kind of 70s porn set interior that seems to try and offset the stress of the cooking itself. The idea is that you sit there for a while with some pals and take your time with the hot pot, dipping in and out and making use of the unlimited sauces on offer. But if you're useless with chopsticks, you're in trouble.

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