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Peckham Levels

Vibey Bar and Live Music Hotspot
Opens at 18:00
Peckham Rye
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We know that you know about the bubbling hotbed that is SE’s live music scene - well this is the spot where that good shit gets a platform. It functions as both a bar and event space, with purple and pink lights illuminating a room with a real DIY, temporary aesthetic, in keeping with the rest of the Peckham Levels sprawl. You can come and do the cocktails/craft beer thing if you need something strong to see you through the evening, but to get a real feeling of its fabric some live music must be sampled. Jazz and funk are normally agwan, with anyone who’s anyone and even a few nobodies flexing their throats and twiddling their thumbs. The bill is plenty eclectic with improv and jam sessions joining free late-night DJ happenings, where a care-free dance can be easily obtained.

Telephone020 3735 3775
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