Turkish Grill
Opens at 12:00
Denmark Hill
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What’s the best thing you can do with £8? If you’ve answered, ‘go to FM Mangal on Camberwell Church Street and get the lamb shish box meal’, then you’ve got it right. FM Mangal is, for our money, the best kebabby to be found in South: a typical no-frills Turkish joint where the sweet elixir of smoking coals charring meat to perfection wafts out the door and brings in any local with an interest in good food. The tender meat here comes with dope company: fragrant rice, fresh salad, charred flat breads, pomegranate molasses and complimentary charcoal-grilled onions in a sweet and sour vinegary sauce. Served up by a lovely staff, you’re not getting tablecloths or airs and graces; you're getting an ideal bite when you can't be arsed to cook or a venue for a lively group dine out.

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