Flavour Bastard

63-64 Frith Street

Original Fine Dining
Opens at 12:00
Tottenham Court Road
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Who's the bastard in this tale? John Snow? Nope. Turns out it's the dishes that are illegitimate. Their origins and lineage cannot be proven through any form of extensive paperwork. Chef Pratap Chahal (from the Cinnamon Club) and restaurateur Vic Singh are bastardising world food and exotic ingredients with a flagrant disregard for the traditional and a whole heap of pizzazz. Their miso and mango glazed aubergine, covered in peanut buckwheat crumble went down a treat, as did the duck egg with cauliflower and pickled watermelon. We were a little confused by the clouds of curd which skipped tastyville altogether and went straight to pungent city, but luckily a Mayan spiced choccy mousse with parsnip ice cream turned it all around and left us feeling as happy (and full) as hippos. The wine menu has some strong players and the cocktail menu sure is worth a look in, but their house beer was hoppy, sweet and fresh all at once - a real easy drinker. Come by on a Sunday for their take on brunch with innovative treats like tandoori fried chicken waffles or Nepalese rice pancakes.

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