Emilia's Crafted Pasta - Aldgate

77 Alie Street

Fresh Pasta Bar
Opens at 12:00
Aldgate East
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There is a universal joy in tucking into a steaming bowl pasta. Find us someone who isn’t aroused by the idea of al dente pappardelle in a slow-cooked béchamel bolognese under a liberal dusting of parmesan, and we’ll eat our cappelletti (that’s pasta shaped like little hats). Emilia’s is a convivial spot serving up quick and tasty bowls of carby treats for the casual after-work-dinner crowd. You can stop in here and have a bowl of homemade casarecce in a creamy walnut and mushroom sauce and a glass of red for £15, which feels about right to us. It’s pretty laid-back here, but they take their pasta seriously with guest and house rules like ‘long pasta will be twirled, not cut’; and ‘we will not serve chicken pasta, it would bring great sadness to the artisans who taught us our craft’. The one rule they didn’t quite up hold on their end was, ‘our pasta will always be served al dente’, which we’d be more forgiving of if they hadn’t literally written it on the wall. But this is a nice spot regardless, and an easy recommendation for a quick/cheap/relaxed catch up.

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