DIY Space for London

96-102 Ormside Street

DIY Community Things
South Bermondsey
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At a time when London's music venues are dropping off in droves, DIY Space for London feels like a defiant FU to the voracious gentrification that's been threatening cultural life in the capital. Run completely by volunteers (with all profits going towards building maintenance), this cooperative and social centre offers low-cost facilities for gigs, band practice, workshops, talks and all kinds of creative events. Their members’ club model - everyone has to pay a small fee of £2 to use the space - ensures that everyone gets a say, especially those whose voices aren't always heard. Look out for pay-what-can yoga, gigs from up-and-coming artists, an in-house record store and extremely friendly staff supplying the good vibes.

Telephone020 7635 9470
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