Deptford Cinema

39 Deptford Broadway

Indie Basement Cinema
Deptford Bridge
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Every time we enter Deptford Cinema, we have to stop and rub the disbelief from our eyes. Can a place like this really exist? But the mirage hasn't evaporated yet so it must be real, and we thank the gods of the big screen every day that it is. Started by a group of volunteers a few years back - many of whom lived in the same building as the cinema - DC is still very much a community affair, completely not-for-profit and frequently hosting events outside the realm of cinema, such as activist meetings and life drawing classes. They show an eclectic mix of arthouse, foreign and documentary films, all chosen by volunteers or literally anyone who saddles up to the cinema with a programming suggestion. With tickets mostly six quid a pop, and cheap drinks aplenty, you could easily spend every weekend lost in this fairy-lit heaven.

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