Denim 'n' Dine

114 Blackhorse Lane

Pop Up in a Denim Factory
Opens at 19:00
Blackhorse Road
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The casual dining revolution has reached its apex, and acclaimed chef Pedro Passinhas - formerly of Le Gavroche and Fat Duck - is cashing in on the craze with a pop up in a Walthamstow denim factory. The concept is Michelin-level food in a casual setting, and it's been garnering rave reviews - ours included. The new menu draws on high and low cuisine to create innovative, playful dishes that merit the trip to the end of the Victoria line. Like the smoked bacon doughnut, buttermilk and fermented apple for the first course; or the short rib of beef, smoked onion, black pudding for the main. Fifty quid will get you six courses and a happy belly. Vegetarians, pescatarians and gluten-free diets can be accommodated. The photos above don't reflect the new menu - but trust us, it's good.

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