Cocktail Bar
Opens at 11:00
Bethnal Green
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This cocktail bar has nabbed all the best bits of French culture to make something pretty darn sophistiqué. The decor and vibe is classy as hell: not a gimmick in sight, and plenty of grown up flavours with spirits like Calvados and Armagnac featuring heavily. Even the 'fun' choices are très chic: the piña colada with coconut sorbet and Moët & Chandon was a perfect dessert alternative. There's many a champagne cocktail (once you pop a bottle of Moët you as well pour it in everything right?) though we fell hard for the 'First Things First'. Whisky based with dry vermouth and a touch of fruitiness, we want them to bottle it so we can drink it forever more. There's also a fine nibble to be had with charcuterie boards and some pongy French cheese platters (pongy in the best possible way). What with the friendly service, it's all pretty smart-casual-smart and we quite like it.

11:00 - 23:00
11:00 - 23:00
11:00 - 23:00
11:00 - 23:00
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11:00 - 23:00
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