Campania & Jones

23 Ezra Street

Beautiful Southern Italian
Opens at 08:30
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From the cobbled streets out front, primed for a shady espresso on a hot summer’s day; to the semi-open courtyard behind stable doors overlooking the kitchen; to the space in the back where pasta is rolled in front of stacks of firewood by a woman who ‘learnt it from her nonna’, this is maybe London’s most authentically rustic Italian restaurant. It’s the kind of aesthetic that 100 ad-men on 100 working lunches would never be able to recreate. It’s what Dr. Oetker would have done his PHD in before devising the Ristorante range of ‘authentic Italian pizzas’. It’s what our Monday morning Southern Italian escape fantasies are made of. It’s like if Call Me By Your Name had a baby with that shot of David Gandy on the boat in Capri. In short, it’s absolutely beautiful. And yes, the food is also fantastic. Fresh pastas made in the next room blanched to al dente perfection; deceptively simple salads served in terracotta bowls; and straight forward but expertly cooked mains like roast chicken, garlic and potatoes ooze flavour and charm. And their lunchtime deal of two courses and a glass of wine for £15 isn't too bad either.

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