Natural Wine Bar & Restaurant
Opens at 18:00
London Fields
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There's a few things we've come to expect from the P. Franco team: friendly staff, high-brow cooking and an eye-opening selection of natural wine (some delicious, some strange but all dutifully explained to novices). So when we heard they were opening a restaurant in London Fields, we knew it would be a corker. As its name suggests Bright is well lit, airy, filled with plants, graphic posters and low-key furniture. A pretty chill backdrop for some sumptuous food. We were won over by the simple flavours of al dente asparagus steamed in all sorts of fresh herbs and drizzled with lemon verbena oil; and some more surprising concoctions like a cold almond soup topped with crab meat and olive oil; or the soft, crispy pleasures of a Japanese katsu sando sandwich in white bread. Unlike a lot of the small plate restos of East London, portions don't leave you feeling hard done by (you won't find yourself dividing out the last broad bean or trying to share a prime number of tortellini). In fact our plate of pasta with sausage meat ragu was just the right size, thanks.

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