Bethnal Green Working Men's Club

42 Pollard Row

Where Dreams Come True
Bethnal Green
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There’s nowhere quite like Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club. Sitting proudly in the East End since 1887, this boozer and good-time haunt seems to exist in a glorious time warp: with carpeted floors straight outta the 60s, kitsch decor and £4 pints; and not a craft beer or organic wine in sight. It’s about as welcoming, inclusive and unpretentious a night-time spot as you could hope to find - the moment you cross the threshold all concerns about steeze and style float away with the spirit of burlesque, 90s parties, comedy, drag, karaoke nights and everything that falls in the gaps taking their place. Add in one of the friendliest crowds around and you've got a memorable, endearingly ramshackle place that pops off in a wild and wonderful way.

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