Alpine Dining by the Raclette Brothers
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Having established themselves as connoisseurs of fromage and artisan alpine vibes, the Raclette Brothers have taken over a permanent fixture in Pop Brixton, called Alpes, with a killer menu and après-ski ambience. We moseyed on down, perched our heinies on the stools outside, popped a button, and ordered a home-made lemonade to cleanse our palate. We then proceeded to work our way through a selection of delectable small plates, from a stonkingly delicious arrangement of charred asparagus and wild garlic draped across a creamy butterbean hummus and tangy hazelnut pesto; a tender chunk of beef cheek draped in pancetta, shallots and pickled mushrooms; and a crisp cauliflower and pearl barley dish covered in lashings of a rich romesco sauce. Of course we couldn't miss their eponymous raclettes - so we ordered and watched as a lovely gentleman draped hot, gooey cheese onto a selection of gourmet meat, potatoes, and pickles. Yes, it was a sensual as it sounds. We left feeling suitably satisfied and with a spring in our step - until all that melted cheesy deliciousness reached our stomach and left us hunched over for the rest of the day.

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