Bargain Fresh Pasta
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Goodge Street
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There might be better places to eat so well for so little £ in these populous ends, but we don’t know many. Al Dente is a pastificio: a takeaway pasta shop where you might grab an indulgent takeaway lunch during the week; buy some tortellini for a slap up meal at home; or come in the evening for a quick, casual feeding. In all cases, you're gonna be extremely satisfied with what your mouth finds. The pasta, all handmade and served at just the right cottura al dente, is flippin' exquisite, delectable stuff. We sampled some melt-in-the-mouth green tortelli (spinach, mushrooms, ricotta cheese and truffle); and a decadent yet refined carbonara. Yes this is pure, authentic Italian cooking and, with dishes around the £6.50-7 mark, it's an excellent cheap eat. Get in, grab a plate of pasta and a glass of wine, chomp it, sip it, feel good, reflect on your standing in the world, then move slowly onwards.

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