AcroYogaDance Studio

47-49 Tanner Street

Acrobatic Yoga & Meditation
London Bridge
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What the flip is acroyoga? Listen in close. Acroyoga is a partner-based practice that's been popping up on all kinds of fitness freaks' Insta feeds: a mixture of acrobatics and yoga that basically has you levered up in the sky pretending you're a plane, as previously seen in your childhood. This is the UK's first studio devoted entirely to it, with matted floors, crash mats and light pouring in from all angles. It's certainly one for the couples - a moving meditation that requires a lot of trust, flexibility, strength and creativity. If your significant other starts avidly going to acroyoga without you then you should be seriously worried. The beginner 6-week course here looks just the ticket if you want to get ahead of the curve and master this thing early, before starting your own channel, lifestyle brand and clothing range.

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