Your Weekend Agenda: March 25-27

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We're going on an international expedition this end of week. We're globe trotting from Spain, to Nigeria, to Israel, to... Tooting. Slap on some SPF 50, a functional yet stylish sun hat, and your sense of adventure - we've got places to be, baby.
#1 Have a little munch
We've got to address the elephant in the app. We know our recommendations are clustered in East London. That's because if any of us leave the E postcode area, we get a violent skin rash. But we'll very occasionally journey down to Tooting for delicious tapas from the Independent's former food critic.
#2 See some #roomporn
Trolling Pinterest for hours looking at airy rooms in converted warehouses you'll never be able to afford is great and all, but Japan sees your post-industrial abodes and raises you constantly-evolving architectural masterpieces that respond to society's prevailing needs. This exhibition explores the domestic space in Japan - you still can't afford these homes, but they're nice to look at.
#3 Move your feet to Afrobeat
This night is gunna be a serious lesson in Afrobeat. It features legendary Nigerian drummer Tony Allen joining forces with Fela Kuti's youngest son, Seun Kuti. Expect an intoxicating fusion of traditional African rhythms with jazz and funk that will have you involuntarily shuffling your feet.
#4 See beyond the headlines
The migrant crisis has dominated the news circuit with alarmist reporting that obscures the human face of a very real issue. Daniel Gastro Garcia is putting people where the headlines are, photographing people at the centre of the crisis. The recipient of the British Journal of Photography International Award, his photos feel as personal as they are politically salient.
#5 Park yourself in the garage
The epithet "relaxed fine dining" has turned into somewhat of a trope lately, with hoards of new restaurants vying for a place at the top of the casual restaurant pile. This new spot in Ladbrooke Grove is definitely on its way up - a fancy garage serving up rich, artfully-presented plates that tickle at least three senses.
#6 Cause some chaos
Our favourite Peckham party boys are taking over Dalston's premier rave cave for a night of smooth, jazzy house tunes that'll take over your entire being. These guys have nailed the SE London sound - find them before the masses do.
#7 Shakshuka up your life
No one does breakfast like the Israelis. Trust us, they are the Michael Jordans of the breakfast world. Berber & Q's brunch menu is a delicious cornucopia of Middle Eastern flavours that'll flirt voraciously with your tastebuds before taking them out and giving them multiple Earth-shattering orgasms later in the night.
#8 Find some inspiration
John Keats lived pretty well, in our opinion. We mean, if we had a private garden like his smack dab in Hampstead, we could probably find enough inspiration to be world-famous poets like him. But alas, this garden is not for sale - but you can visit it for free and bask in the Romantic vibes.
#9 Get some sex on the brain
Sex is one of our favourite things to both do and talk about. We can't help it, we're animals with barbaric impulses. Baron and Baroness Magazines - two high-brow erotic periodicals - are civilising the whole ordeal with a day of talks exploring sex and sexuality at Hoi Polloi, and you know we'll be there.
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