Your Weekend Agenda: Jan. 13-15

Save to Collections
Here we are again. Are you tired of us yet? Go here, do this, spend your money at this overpriced restaurant... You probably just want to tell us to shove right off. Well, you can't, because we live in a phone. Joke's on you.
#1 See history differently
History is fluid and subjective. This exhibition brings together eight contemporary African artists to explore the variability of the past, and engage in storytelling or, to put it another way, historytelling. This exhibition encompasses sculpture, drawing, photography, artefacts and video for a multi-disciplinary approach.
#2 Investigate the occult
The occult is having a bit of a moment right now, and we love it. Celebrate all things witchy at this enchanted night at ICA, exploring the figure of the witch as a subversive feminist and queer figure. The event will feature bewitching discussion, screenings, and live performances. It's sold out, but we know you can work your magic.
#3 Inject some class into your life
One of our favourite bars in the city, this itty-bitty cocktail den serves up atmosphere that's twenty times its size. Modelled on 1950s film-noir style bars, this unique spot blends science - the waiters wear lab coats - and artistry for a straight-up classy combo.
#4 Make your mark(et)
Sitting pretty next to Broadway Market, the lesser-known BM microcosm features vendors hawking similar stuff - vintage threads, flowers, jewellery, street food - but it's the low(ish)-key vibe that we like. It's a good alternative when you're sick of Broadway, but aren't ready to give up your soya candles and mini cacti just yet.
#5 See them before everyone else
If you fancy yourself on the cutting edge of the art scene, then best get down to this free exhibition, featuring rising stars fresh out of art school. We think the name of the show is a bit hyperbolic, but you can judge for yourself whether these young talents merit deity status.
#6 Shake your rump
Legends on the LGBTQ+ scene, this inclusive, hip-hop and dancehall-centric night is the perfect place to shake off those January blues. Expect great tunes and a safe space, especially for those who identify with the African and Caribbean diaspora. Just don't hurt yourself daggering...
#7 Party like Hunter S. Thompson
Inspired by the enigmatic writer, this Dalston spot is the type of place we could hole up in forever. Mounted animal heads, naked ladies in the toilet... all the makings of a slightly-off-kilter boozer that beckons you back again and again.
#8 Float on
We like our seafood fresh from the source, and preferably while floating on water, so we feel connected to our fishy friends as we dine on their flesh. This new floating restaurant bucks the corporate trend of nautical eateries and goes for quality instead. Plus, the food is delicious.
#8 Jazz up your Sunday
The hidden gem to end all hidden gems, this delightfully ramshackle Greenwich jazz bar makes us wanna bebop all over the place. Expect only a single beer on tap, wine and spirits at minuscule prices, and quality jazz most nights of the week.
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