Your Weekend Agenda: April 21st-23rd

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We can only imagine how insanely memorable/forgettable the Easter bonanza was for you, especially as we write this before the Easter bonanza actually happens. But another couple of days off are coming up fast and you don't want to be caught with your pants around your ankles and no plans in your hands. Here are a few things we'd do if we were you.
Friday 21st
#1 Cocktails with a lil' community
Let's get things rolling with some simple and affordable cocktails at a recently opened cafe & bar all about those communal vibes. Run by Diddy*, this place takes inspiration from laid-back continental style bars which combine good jams with reasonable prices and a place to shoot the breeze away from a super noisy pub. Pop by this colourful place and you'll soon find yourself joining in with conversations going on elsewhere, whether those people want you to or not.

*not that Diddy
#2 Some worldwide revelry
Friday night is a time for letting off some steam, and the London five-piece Afriquoi are a vibrant, funky band with the ability to invoke that more than most. They fuse traditional African instruments with British electronic music: imagine soca from south London or calypso from Croydon, and you’re almost there. This high-octane show should be well worth bopping down to.
#3 Brunch with an Asian twist
Foley's have been winning plenty of plaudits since they opened last year, combining the best street food from around the world (though largely Asia) and putting it on one menu. The good news is that they seem to have noticed the emerging popularity of brunch and have started doing that too. Look out for Mitz's Parath Rolls: tasty Indian flat breads stuffed full of stuff like salmon, lamb merguez and mushrooms.
#4 Relive a youth cooler than your own
You might have spent time desperately hiding any evidence you were ever young on Facebook, but you wouldn't have if that evidence looked as atmospheric and arty as this. There are two shows that currently explore the subject of coming of age: Untethered, at Lisson Gallery, which brings together two bodies of work set 50 years apart; and Unite and Take Over, at Camden Stables, which charts London's iconic youth movements. Expect to see images of discovery, tenderness and independence from people figuring shit out for themselves in a much more aesthetically pleasing way than you ever did.
#5 Doing Record Store Day slightly different
Record Store Day seems to split opinion these days, but sometimes the best things to do with contentious issues is to ignore them. Instead, let's just appreciate the amount of free music happening on this day and head to Copeland Park in Peckham for a street party celebrating DIY culture and independent music. A host of good labels will be showing up to shift their vinyls and play their records amongst food and drink stalls. And then things will really heat up with an after party erupting at Rye Wax.
#6 A fine dine
It's not often we shine a light on Battersea but we're about to. Tucked away in a welcoming courtyard with moored house boats, hanging plants and fairy lights, Nutbourne combines the vibe of a fancy country pub with the well-constructed menu of a fine dining restaurant. After something romantic and slightly elaborate, head here and make sure you order the duck salad.
#7 A big night in Brixton
Trying to describe Clark's music is a real challenge, so let's just say it combines some Squarepusher like electronics with the hardest corners of the acid-house era. This is probably the closest you'll get to pure, ecstasy-driven euphoria outside of listening to Celine Dion’s Greatest Hits with a bottle of poppers. So commit to this and, well, forget about Sunday.
#8 Fill your boots
Or don't and wake up early for this. As much as we enjoy trekking to Ikea in Tottenham for affordable homeware, when Hackney Flea Market pops up we're all over that shit. Over 30 vendors will be hawking vintage, handmade, and salvaged items. There's likely to be some true tat, some debatable tat you'll consider buying, and a few rare treats. The challenge will be pretending you're happy with the unworkable vintage VHS player you bought for £35.
#9 Walk along a disused railway
If you've yet to wander along London's answer to New York's Highline then you really ought to: Parkland Walk is a 5-mile stretch along a disused railway line that winds down from Alexandra Palace to Finsbury Park. It's full of greenery, graffiti covered concrete outposts and the sweet scent of weed. A tranquil escape from city madness, get some pals and get to it.
#10 See a documentary to shake the fibres
You can't finish the weekend without learning something, so catch this astonishing documentary that combines the powerful words of James Baldwin with archive footage to create an engrossing story outlining the narrative of civil rights era America. Tracking the lives of MLK, Malcom X and Medgar Evers this is, naturally, the story of an irrational American relationship with race. With all too obvious links to the present problems in Ferguson and the like, it's poignant and pretty essential viewing.
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