Your Weekend Agenda: 23-25 March

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This weekend, we're bringing you arty film screenings and good eats - the best recipe for a good weekend in our opinion (and our opinion holds a lot of weight). But if that doesn't catch your fancy - don't panic, you have options: a jazzy shakedown in a grungy Stokey sweat box, a painfully trendy art happening, or a trip to SPACE! Things are looking up, eh?
Friday 23rd
#1 Get involved with some art chat
We've spent so many hours dead-eyed on Instagram, thumbs acrobatically flitting past endless holiday photos and ads for Natural Cycles, that we're not sure we remember how to read. Luckily, we can start small at this exhibition of text-based art, featuring heavy hitters like Banksy and David Shrigley. Some works may sit firmly in the camp of 'I could do that' - but, well, you didn't. Isn't art great?
#2 Lap up some Levantine grub
We love a culinary love story - and husband and wife duo Limor and Amir Chen's union has produced some seriously good eats. Having honed their skills at the bird-heavy Strut and Cluck, they're branching out further with their second venture - a Levantine eatery that flirts with Russian influences. Munch on charcoaled leeks with manouri cheese, dried apricots, roasted hazelnuts and crispy capers, and pat yourself on the back for a choice well made.
#3 Cause some trouble
The ladies at Ladybeard magazine are putting on a weekend-long event series celebrating 'women causing trouble', and we're all about it. The programme is chock full of enticing activities, but our pick would be Friday's offering: a titillating evening of feminist erotic cinema that flips gender and sexuality on its head. There's lots more on offer, though, so check out the full schedule to get into more mischievous deeds.
Saturday 17th
#4 Fortify your Saturday
It's appropriate that this new spot is called Fortitude Bakehouse, because we need something sweet and a strong coffee to steel us against the hangover we inevitably meet Saturday morning. That's why we're getting our mugs into some orange flower and almond cake, sipping some single origin brew, then taking some of their banana sourdough home for later.
#5 See the future
Ah, youths. We may not understand them and their social medias and their pod challenges, but we want to soak up all their youthful coolness wherever we can. Playback Festival provides us with that golden opportunity, showcasing the works of over 300 young filmmakers alongside live spoken word performances, discussions and practical workshops. And it's all free, baby.
#6 Have a proper shakedown
Daniel Avery - don of dark, cerebral techno - is taking over York Hall for an 'all nighter' of big room electro - which isn't an all nighter, as such, and more an evening rave. The Georgian walls of this historic venue will be rattling with Avery's hard-hitting techno, played to a ginormous sprung oak dance floor heaving with dawn-to-dark merrymakers. This is one for hedonists with adult bed times (it wraps at 11pm).
Sunday 25th
#7 Bag some delicious brunch
Hara is a pop up brunch spot that's all about healthy dishes done with optimal deliciousness. Owners Kiara and Tess are singlehandedly pulling Hackney out of their Sunday slump with their delightfully wholesome feed, like the 'Socca' - which packs beetroot polpette, red kraut, herb hummus, purple sprouting broccoli, and a soft boiled egg onto an Instagammable plate. Throw a fresh fermented drink on top of that and you're flying into Monday.
#8 Explore the galaxy
Galactic travel isn't just for NASA and Elon Musk - take your space shuttle all the way to Greenwich for a wild expedition to the cosmos at the Planetarium, sitting pretty inside the Greenwich Observatory. Their daily sky show - at 11:45 and 4:15 - is a serious trip... like, it makes you feel so small, man. Like we're all just specks of dust in the infinite universe.
#9 See some life-affirming cinema
If you want stories that are heartbreaking, challenging, life-affirming, gorgeous, sexy little slices of life, then march yourself over to the BFI Flare. This film festival is a stalwart of the LGBTQ+ scene in London, encompassing the biggest celebration of queer filmmakers and artists in the city. Alongside feature film screenings, you can catch short films, talks, conferences - there's lots on offer, so get yourself involved.
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