Your Weekend Agenda: 20-22 April

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Step up your London game. You live in one of the world's foremost metropolises, and you're squandering your weekends on your sandbag sofa, slowly disintegrating into its plastic pleather cushion covers. That sofa will never be comfortable no matter how you contort your body, and the world of London is heaving with life outside your door. Go to it, young reader.
Friday 20th
#1 See some skull-smashing art
Art. We all good-naturedly attend the exhibitions, post the 'grams, have pseudo-intellectual conversations with our friends about it, but really... we have no idea what the fuck is going on. And that's ok, art is about eliciting a feeling - we think? We don't know for sure, but if you want to feel discombobulated, befuddled, and a little scared, then take yourself to Sonica this weekend, where plenty of mind-fucking sonic art will be on display.
#2 Get freaky with Asian small plates
We love cultural hybrids 'cos we are the world, we are the children, and we want cultures to intermix in the least imperialist way possible. Enter Freakscene - an 'Asian small plates' eatery that takes inspiration from the street food of Singaporean hawker centres. Nosh on crazy crossbreeds like smoked salmon pizza or tacos filled with black cod, then wash it down with some sweet sweet sake.
#3 Groove to godly sounds
Church of Sound have been bringing celestial sounds to the venerated pews of Clapton's St. James Church for two whole Gregorian calendar years now, elevating soulful jazz to a sacred affair. While this isn't one of their live shows, it should still be a banger - they're marking their birthday with a night of feet shuffling set to jazz, funk, and disco. In the house of God, of course. Hallelujah!
Saturday 21st
#4 Contemplate some curiosities
If you're in the mood for some serious house porn and Location, Location, Location just isn't cutting it anymore, mosey on over to Sir John Soane's swanky pad in Holborn. This gorgeous 19th century home is packed to the brim with famous artworks, sculptures, enviable furniture and artefacts. London property just isn't what it used to be, eh?
#5 Celebrate DIY culture
The kool kids of Peckham - you know the ones, those black-adorned art school kids who make you age about five years just by standing in their orbit - will be descending on Copeland Estate this Saturday for a free celebration of the DIY happenings south of the river. Expect an independent label market, talks, screenings, and a proper shakedown to round off all the happenings.
#6 Get gussied up for the ball
You know when London's most popular POC queer cabaret throw their spring ball, they're going to properly do it up. Cocoa Butter Club has amassed such a dedicated following that their springtime event has turned into a day-long, two-part mini-fest. And the programme is looking more delicious than ever: films screenings, a performance by The Black Women's Choir, a showdown between Femmes of Colour comedy club and Kings of Colour drag kings and a good ol' fashioned turnup.
Sunday 22nd
#7 Tuck into some arepas
Arepas are rarely seen on the London scene, which is a damn shame. We're well into these salty, crunchy maize-dough breads that can be stuffed or piled high with your favourite South American fillings. That's why we're psyched about Arepa & Co - a new spot bringing the sunny flavours of the Venezuelan coast to Bethnal Green. We recommend some of their plantain-heavy brunch - muy muy delicious.
#8 Creep around some catacombs
Inject some macabre realness into your Sunday by taking a tour of the catacombs at Brompton Cemetery. These creepy subterranean burial chambers are only open to the public one day a year for a guided tour, so don't *kill* your chance to see them. After the tour, have a nose around the cemetery grounds - she's a beaut.
#9 Change your frame of reference
Another week, another illustrious film festival filled with edifying, astonishing, gobsmacking films from around the world. This time around, Frames of Representation are taking us on a tour of the world's landscapes through the medium of documentary, analysing current environmental issues and asking how we can build a more sustainable society. We're particularly psyched for Black Mother - a visual ode to Jamaica - but we don't think you can go wrong here.
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