Your Weekend Agenda: 19-21 May

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It's the end. The end of another soul-destroying week, where your spirit is slowly chipped away by the gruelling rituals of capitalism. Time to unleash that inner wild child - you're young, you're free, you're broke as hell but that's not gonna stop you. Step that bank account up into overdrive - it's time to boogie.
#1 Fuck with your perception
Larry's Bell's glass panel sculptures may appear pretty simplistic, but look a little closer. The combination of clear glass, grey glass and glass coated with Inconel arranged at right angles opens up the gallery and totally fux with your spatial perception. See things a little bit differently.
#2 Put some balls in your mouth
Balls. They come in all shapes and types: small, big, meaty, cheesy. Curveball, a new family-friendly spot in Balham, has all those balls, plus more. It's very ballsy, you could say. Do you want us to stop yet? Basically, it's a meatball and croquette restaurant.
#3 Forget your troubles
This is the kind of place where you can pull up a bar stool on your own and say to the bartender, "Hey barkeep, pour me a stiff one, will ya?" Moody, sexy, and transportive, this basement speakeasy ticks all the right boxes. We'll meet you there, under the cloak of darkness.
#4 Cruise into summer
How would you know that it's summer if various party promoters didn't have summer launch parties? You simply wouldn't. You would sit inside with your heating on until autumn. Well don't worry, because Flamingo Pier is having their seasonal launch this Saturday, and now you know it's safe to go outside. It's also on a boat, which is pretty sweet.
#5 Party, Lynch style
Who killed Laura Palmer? Is Fire Walk With Me a prequel to Twin Peaks or a sequel? Is Twin Peaks actually good, or is it just nostalgic? Find out the answer to all these questions (or not) at this screening of the fabled Twin Peaks movie at Hackney Picture House, followed by a Lynchian party. Don't forget your log.
#6 Get frisky
Meee-ow. Pussy's the new black at this hot-af cabaret night, which brings together all the creatures of the underworld, the bohemians, the artistes, and the freaks who want to get their freak all the way on. The seductive performers will trick you, entice you, and titillate you. Get ready to be entertained, dahling.
#7 Get bookish
Don't believe the hype: people are still reading books, and it's partially because of places like Burley Fisher Books. This light-filled cafe-cum-bookshop fulfils all of our urban intelligentsia fantasies. Grab a coffee, grab a book, chill out.
#8 Get that green
Telegraph Hill who? Just a smidgen to the east, right over the Heath, is this hidden gem. Trek up the hill for ace city views, feed the ducks - hell, you can even sit on a bench or two. Lush greenery and minimal crowds make this an ideal spot for a Sunday wander.
#9 Get crafty
It may not have a bar, but this cosy Brockley spot has got serious character, serious brews, and some serious burgers. Seriously, those massive burgers are as serious as the heart attack you'll get from eating them. The beer is the crafty type, stored in kegs and barrels so you never have to worry about running out.
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