Your Weekend Agenda: 18-20 May

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We're not sure why, but shit's getting real this weekend. We're turning our lenses onto the world with two photography exhibitions and a documentary film festival. Are we looking for answers in these turbulent times, collectively yanking our heads from the sand? Whatever the reason, it's produced some pretty sick art - so if everything's going to shit, at least there's that.
Friday 18th
#1 Get learned at Cheap Cuts
It's a shame the doc short genre gets no love, because it's a conduit for some seriously monumental storytelling. We're talking about deeply human stories that rattle us to our damn core, and they're being shown at this year's edition of Cheap Cuts at Rio Cinema and Hackney Attic. Come along, maybe you'll learn a thing or two.
#2 Seduce someone at Bar Three
There's something so sexy about a cocktail bar. You descend some steps into the dimly-lit unknown, where you're overwhelmed by the feeling that anything can happen: you could drink delicious cocktails, meet a tall stranger, or even get murdered. Bar Three has all that clandestine sexiness in spades - from the people who brought you Dalston's Three Sheets, a firm fave at Dojo, this subterranean drinking den is rubbing us in all the right ways.
#3 Get loose at a hen do
Wow. We applaud U OK HUN? for their unwavering commitment to a theme party. The exposition for their latest turnup is seriously elaborate: some rando named Meghan Markle is getting married to a B-list royal, and none other than Kween RiRi has been tasked with planning her hen do. It's ambitious, but we're into it. Look out for all the staples of any good pre-nuptial barnburner: inflatable penises, strippers, drag queens, all the trimmings.
Saturday 19th
#4 See some after-dark snaps
We've all seen the beast London becomes after dark - a carnival of wanton revelry, streets littered with chicken bones and bile. But this major new exhibition at the Museum of London makes the whole thing look strangely beautiful, immortalising our nocturnal activities in 200 snaps by some seriously talented night owls. Come along and see what happens when the sun goes down.
#5 Make some furry friends
This is the sort of event that just makes us want to bear hug every person in the human race because it fills our hearts with so much unbridled joy. It's just so pure, so wholesome, so perfect. This daylong mini-festival is happening at a damn farm, teeming with our favourite fuzzy friends: sows, piglets, lambs, the works. There will be live music courtesy Congolese band Kasai Masai (among others), street food from Carousel, and enough good vibes to send you into neurogenic shock.
#6 Groove to some sunny tunes
Lisbon seems to have it all: sunny weather, creative energy, and some seriously hot tunes. Luckily, the good people at Soundcrash are bringing a little slice of Lisbon to London under the moniker of their new festival, Nova Batida. If you can't shell out the air fare for the actual festie, bop along to Village Underground for a night of infectious beats from the likes of Anchorsong, Owiny Sigoma Soundsystem, iZem and more.
Sunday 20th
#7 Trek through the jungle
Ah Barbican, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways: your brutalist structure is super sexy, you've got some sick programming, and your conservatory is a mad lush jungle right in the middle of London. This tropical garden is our favourite place for an afternoon ramble - we love the way the lush greenery shrouds the Barby's stark concrete structure, like a scene from a sci-fi movie. It's only open select Sundays in the month, and this is one of them - so hop on over while you can.
#8 See some boundary-pushing photography
Ah, women. They're really doing all sorts of things these days, eh? There's even enough of them taking photos to fill a whole exhibition at the Photographer's Gallery. Work in Process is a collection of works from female photographers who are innovating behind the lens. Catch Julie Cockburn's embroidered gelatin prints, Liz Nielsen’s luminous block-colour photograms, and more eye-popping snaps at this free show.
#9 Get your paws on some piedem
It seems like every week in London there's a new 'festival' dedicated to some arbitrary food item: cheese, craft beer, taramasalata (seriously though, picture a taramasalata festival on a hot day, that shit is rancid). But fuck those pretenders - a pizza festival is the only food fest worth shelling out our hard-earned guap for. Picture this: six primo dough-slingers (Wandercrust, Santa Maria Pizzeria, and more) compete for your approval in the ultimate pizza showdown. Tomato sauce will be spilled. We can't wait.
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