Your Weekend Agenda: 17-19 November

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The weekend is a social construct - two days of government-mandated rest after the archaic 40-hour work week. So why do we keep blabbering on about it? Why do you care? Why does anyone care about anything? Who are you? Who are we? What is the nature of existence? What are your credit card details? What? Nothing.
Friday 17th
#1 Do some cyber
Sometimes browsing the internet is watching old Eurovision clips and scrolling through Asos 'til you die. Other times, it's a more fruitful experience of resistance, where femmes can control their representation and participate in crucial conversations about gender politics. Come along to this special programme of talks, screenings, and performances at ICA and discover how gender justice translates to our digital spaces.
In partnership with Tanqueray
#2 Sip and sup
This supper club sees Andi Oliver (of cheffing and Great British Menu judging fame) team up with her daughter, Miquita (whose husky voice graced our Saturday mornings on T4). No soggy Cheerios here though, just carefully-balanced botanical flavours: three Tanqueray infused cocktails designed by Miquita and three paired dishes by Andi. Menus are secret as all hell, but are sure to put the G back in gin.
#3 Go inside authoritarianism
Did we need an immersive experience of Russian authoritarianism and state corruption? We don't know, but the world is getting it anyways. This bold venture from the people behind Alice's Underground Adventures and Pussy Riot member Nadya Tolokonnikova, is bringing punters deep, deep inside the punk band's terrifying struggle for political freedom.
Saturday 18th
#4 Stroll a stately home
This poncey palace hidden away in the Heath is giving us all the bougee realness we could ever want. There are so many gilded accents, it looks like Liberace exploded into 24k confetti all over the crib. Take a stroll through its opulent digs and then post up for some sweet treats at the cute on-site cafe, featuring ample outdoor space for open-air kickbacks.
#5 Lap up some luscious grub
It's pretty rare that a restaurant comes along and ticks all of our boxes: homey vibes, innovative grub, quality ingredients, and a laid-back price tag. Hodge Podge fits the bill and then some, serving up modern British fare that had us panting like a hot pup. BBQ baby chicken with burnt corn chowder and 'nduja? Yas please.
#6 Get culty at Cafe Oto
Kenneth Anger is a cinematic prodigy whose homoerotic-occultish-punk-satanic aesthetic blazed a trail for queer filmmakers in the mid-century. In each of his films, the score takes centre stage - always a carefully-considered work of dark, genre-bending genius. Enigmatic avant-garde duo Tomaga will be performing a live rendition of the score to 1974's Lucifer Rising alongside a screening at Cafe OTO. Expect evil electronica, moody post-punk and general weirdness.
Sunday 19th
#7 Come on down to play!
We're patiently waiting for the day we finally turn old and it becomes acceptable for us to sit in an armchair all day and yell obscenities at the TV. Until then, we'll just watch Beth Kettel's twisted performance at the Zabludowicz Collection, conceived as a game show with three contestants - an animal, a human, and a machine - and a host named Graham. We can't tell you any more, but we can say this ain't your gran's family fortunes.
#8 Go for Sunday shakedown
It may look like we're in cahoots with Gilles Peterson at Dojo since we're always pushing him on you guys - but we promise we're not getting any goods from him. Unless, of course, you're reading this, Gilles, and you want to make a deal. Just drop us a line at [email protected] Anyways, head to Phonox for a delicious dish of jazz, Brazilian funk, African obscurities, and global spanners that'll make you wanna shake.
#9 See some cinematic magic
This luxe cinema in Dalston, housed in a 1930s art deco auditorium, is all our big screen dreams come true. It's also London's longest-running community cinema, going 40 years strong as a not-for-profit. They show a well-curated mix of new releases, indies, world cinema, and classic films, and you can't beat the swish-swish of those sexy red curtains as they open for showtime.
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